Monday, August 19, 2013

Cat Whisperer Fail!

Since Dad was out of town taking care of his dad last week while his brother and family went on vacation, mom was determined to become some sort of "cat whisperer" and somehow figure out a way to make me bond with Ed before dad came home. Mom couldn't go with dad because she had to stay home and give me my chemo and heart medications and the holistic drops and stuff. I'm high maintenance these days.

Dad would be surprised and pleased when he came home and found all of us getting along, mom thought. Ed was dad's cat before he married mom and Ed is old and declawed and dad doesn't like me going after him and trying to attack him. Cadence and I still have our claws and even though mom clips them, they are still sharp and Ed yelps loudly when I swat him on the butt with them. Dad says mom has the "bad" cats while he has the "good" cat.

She was determined to changed all of that.

First mom got one those diffusers that puts cat pheromones in the air, which is suppose to make us calmer. She hoped that "calmer" meant "getting along".

That didn't work.

Then whenever I would give Ed "the look" are back him in a corner she would rub us both with the same towel trying to get our smells all over each other so we would think we were family.

That didn't work.

Then because I'm always stalking Ed when he tries to go to his litter box (even though I have my own litter box in my room), she got another litter box just for Ed and put it in the bathroom off of his room where he sleeps and hangs out. Opposite of my room and I'm not suppose to ever go in his room.

Didn't work.

All this new litter box did was cause me to have three litter boxes to monitor instead of just two. More work! And now I'm sneaking into Ed's room every chance I get. I just can't help myself.

Last week was a dismal failure for mom.

Ed got whacked in the butt by my paw more times than ever and mom finally gave up and resorted back to dad's punishment of choice for me - the dreaded squirt bottle. By the end of the week, Ed was cowering under his bed, I was hiding under mine soaking wet, and Cadence was a confused mess.

Ed peeping out from the under bed where I chased him
the dreaded water bottle

Cadence even bit mom on the back of the leg when she picked me up to get me out of the bath tub where she put Ed's new litter box. I refused to get out and she didn't have the water bottle nearby. The next time I did that, which wasn't long after the other times, she went for the faucet. I got out fast that time!

I have Cadence brainwashed to do whatever I tell him to do

Then last night the syringe with the krill oil stinky stuff got stuck again, but this time when she forced the liquid out it splattered all over the bed skirt and her hair and face instead of on my pretty fur. My tuxedo was spared. That was one good thing!

All in all it was a very exhausting week! 

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